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Thassos is a green island with wonderful beaches and combines the mountain with the sea. It is called the Emerald Island and the pines reach the shore. It is an island in the northern Aegean, which belongs administratively to the prefecture of Kavala. It is located opposite the mouth of the Nestos and the city of Kavala, while it is separated by only 8 nautical miles from the opposite Macedonian coast.

The emerald island of Thassos, with its impressive natural environment, rich historical and cultural background and modern tourist infrastructure, is an attraction for many visitors.

Here everything is combined harmoniously. The rich vegetation of green pine forests and olive groves, the clear blue crystal clear waters of the Aegean, the remarkable archeological sites, the picturesque settlements with the traditional architecture, and the intense life give the island a unique character.





Potos has been selected as one of the top youth holiday destinations in recent years. The narrow streets turn into sidewalks, with shops and snack bars along them, while cars and motorcycles are limited to just a few streets of the town.

The town is located next to the very long and sandy beach. The water is clean and suitable for swimming and water sports. Along a section of the beach, next to the picturesque harbor, you will find a number of cafes, bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors and nightclubs.




Limenaria is a beautiful town in the southwest of the island and is the second largest town of Thassos, with a unique view to the Aegean Sea, Mount Athos, located to the west and Lemnos to the south. Together with the community of Kalivia, it is a community.

There are many beaches to choose from depending on how far you want to travel along the sea. Right in the town, next to the port, there is a small and sandy beach with a nearby car park and many restaurants and sandwich shops.




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